N A U  M A I   H A E R E  M A I

Fostering and promoting the ancient traditions of Polynesian waka for recreational and sporting purposes

Nga Tai Whakarongo Whanau Hoe Waka Club (NTW) are proud to provide whanau with opportunities to engage in waka ama and learn about ancestral waka practices in an evolving recreational and sporting activity.

Your club administrator can register your team on www.wakaama.co.nz






Our club season is from 1 October to 30 September

The club will only be accepting online registrations this year as we commit to paperless registration.






Guiding Documents

The NTW Executive have been updating guiding documents. As they come available you can access them here on the site.





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Marawaatea Branch


Banner photo: Taken at the Whaingaroa Hoe 2016, 23/04/2016.